Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Silk Purses From Sow's Ears?

This is my mom's corner cabinet. It was "antiqued" decades ago, perhaps in the 70s. It belonged to me and my husband for a while. Then we gave it to my MIL, and then it returned to us several years ago.

Style-wise, it's sort of generic country/traditional.

But making it sort of Danish modern shouldn't be too hard. Just replace the doors and strip and refinish the cabinet.

Here are some images of Danish modern corner cabinets. Most stand on short, tapered legs, but some of the taller cabinets, like mine, are flush with the floor. Works for me!

The images I've done here show a photoshopped woodgrain, probably walnut. I have no idea what kind of wood the cabinet is made from, but I'm pretty sure it's not walnut. You can see a tiny bit of the woodgrain looking at the back of the upper doors, through the glass, where the antiquing wouldn't reach, and the grain looks pretty.

There are two refinishing projects ahead of the corner cabinet. A traditional bureau and the Stanley dining chairs.

Then we'll find out what kind of wood grain the cabinet has, and how it will look stained and varnished.

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