Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting a Handle on the Design

Early ideas for the living/dining area. Already have the gen-u-wine mid century sofa and step end tables, the corner cabinet and other things. Just seeing how it might look when it starts coming together.

May have to re-think the cafe-au-lait walls...mid century walls were all over the place -- chartreuse, yellow, turquoise, orange...  Earth-tones weren't real popular, but I like them. So we'll have to see....

One thing's certain. I want a classic, flying saucer "pulldown" light in the dining room.  What people ask for them on ebay is insane. Will have to hope I luck out when I go thrifting.

Ditto the drapes.  Got to have MCM atomic print drapes with white sheers beneath and a varnished wood cornice or pinch-pleated valance. And they have to reach to at least the top of the baseboards -- but floor-length would be better.

Lots to think about...  And try out on the computer. Great way to avoid costly mistakes!

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