Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great Find! (Updated)

For so long, I've been so jealous of folks on my mid century modern groups when they found fantastic vintage modern sofas for next-to-nothing at garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores. I never found anything like that locally.

Until today. Found this advertised in online classifieds. Called. Went to look. Bought (for I can't believe how cheap!). Brought home.  Looks straight out of the Sixties, down to the tapered legs. (Though hubs and I both agree the legs need to be replaced with taller ones. We're at the age where it's not as easy as it used to be to climb out of a low seat.)

Though it's in remarkably good shape, and very clean, it'll be steam cleaned, including the sleeper mattress (unless it gets replaced).

My next purchase will be these, lots and lots of these: 

For now, the couch is swathed in blankets, to keep kitty claws out of the upholstery.

Posted the photo on my MCM forums, and got lots of compliments. Gratifying!

I guess this decides the color scheme for the living/dining room. Avocado. Very MCM color, and Old Florida compatible, too!

Now, back to the kitchen and bathrooms....

  * UPDATE  *  UPDATE  *  UPDATE  *  

Fellow on one of my MCM forums tells me these claw covers drove his cat crazy. She's a climber and has a little cat "jungle jim" that's 12 - 14 feet high, and she needs her claws to climb up to her spot. She spent half her time trying to bite them off.  He said cats use their claws for more than just clawing furniture, and its better to get them something to claw that's more satisfying than a couch arm.

That's it. No claw covers for my fur babies.

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