Saturday, February 28, 2015

In Search Of...

Check the right sidebar ------------>> and you'll see a list of pages -- "Home" and "In Search Of..."

"In Search Of..." is new and comprises a list of MCM items I'm looking for, to buy or possibly to trade for. I have some MCM items I don't need and will be looking to sell or trade them. I'll soon have another page showing these items, with information about how to purchase or trade for them. I likely won't have enough time or merchandise to start an etsy store, so I will probably list the items on MCM buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook, or the old standby, ebay.

It will be a little while before I need these items, though if there are some real bargains, I can go ahead and get them. But for the short-term future, we will be doing some structural repairs and renovations, and cosmetic changes, in the kitchen and baths. Once that's out of the way.... Woohoo!

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