Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Temporary Console

In this computer mockup of my little dining area, in front of the window, there's a small console, sized for the room, to serve as a sideboard. My mama's corner cabinet, which I considered stripping and refinishing in a Danish Modern ... ish mode, doesn't have an area big enough to serve as a sideboard. Hence, the console.

But, with the discovery and purchase of a genuine MCM Stanley china hutch, the corner cabinet will become a candidate for Craigslist. Unfortunately, there's even less space to serve as a sideboard on the hutch.

Finding a genuine MCM console small enough for my dining area is possible -- they come in all sizes, and I see small ones online frequently, though not always on sales sites. So, possible, but not easy. It's a matter of continuing to look, checking Craigslist, garage sales, estate sales and thrift shop...

Meanwhile, this little puppy will have to do. This is not fine furniture by any means. It's cheapo  import stuff, probably from the 90s.

But it's small enough to fit the space, and large enough to serve the purpose. Plus, it has drawers where I can put stuff!  Plus, it was really cheap.

So it will do. 

For now, it will do

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